Gymnastics-Tumbling Special
Monday Nov 27-Dec 18 (4 weeks)-5:30 P.M.
Come have fun and learn the basics in gymnastics and tumbling. Ages 5-10.

Blackstone and Shaw studio
Just $62 for the 4 lessons. We will forego the registration fee. Then in January you can continue for the $62 per month and pay the registration fee at that time. Call (559) 224-7280 for info and to sign up!

We will offer the same Special at our Sunnyside studio (Kings Canyon near Clovis Ave) on Saturday Dec 2-16 at 11:15A for 3 weeks for $47 with no registration. Then in January you can continue for $62 a month and pay the registration fee.

Cal(559)252-8638 for info and to sign up.

We have openings in out gymnastic classes
Monday at 5:30P at our Blackstone and Shaw Studio and
Saturday at 11:15A at our Kings Canyon near Clovis Ave Studio.

We have a new children’s class for 4-6 year olds starting at our Kings Canyon studio on Tuesday’s at 4.

Call now for info and to register-(559)-224-7280 or (559)252-8638




Katy Statema - Performer in "A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That"

Terry and Margaret Morrison, world renowned tap dancer


Sarah Uriarte Berry with Terry backstage at the Broadway show "Light in the Piazza".
Sarah starred in this show and has been in many Broadway shows, including
"Les Miserables" and as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast".
Terry was her choreographer for local productions when Sarah was growing up.



Dancers Corner - Notes from Terry Clark

August 2011

Hello all. I’m back from a fast trip to New York to take classes, see a few shows and eat some good food. I managed to fit four shows in on this trip. The first that I’d like to write about is “Master Class” with Tyne Daly at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. I have admit that I didn’t know what I was in for because I’d never seen the play before and wasn’t familiar with it. The story is about Maria Callas the opera singer who was also Aristotle Onassis’ mistress. After she lost her voice, Callas taught some classes at Juilliard and Terrence McNally turned that situation into a play.

Not only did Tyne have to speak Italian, and German, she also had to do the play with a Greek accent. Her monologues were amazing, along with a fabulous sense of timing. Her singing was also spot on. I must say she was brilliant in this roll. She was Maria Callas. If she doesn’t win a Tony for this performance, there’s something wrong with the Universe. The other singers and actors were fine, but the show is Tyne Daly. If you get a chance to see her in this play, do not hesitate.

Terry Clark



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